Best talent

Need to expand your team by opening new positions?

You have lost a team member and therefore your project is at risk of being slowed down? For a limited period of time or a specific scope, you need particular expertise and would like to avoid hiring a full-time employee for that? Those are some of the many reasons why you could decide to reach out to TravoLab for your immediate needs.

Team Augmentation would mean that you bring new people to fill the gaps in your existing team or to add resources in a specific area. Our IT personnel will integrate into your current set up and will report directly to your managers. They will participate in your team regular events such as Scrum meetings (daily stand-ups, sprint planning sessions and sprint retrospectives).



    Find and Source Best Talent

    TravoLab will find and source Best Talent

    no matter how complex or simple your need is. Our personnel can fill different roles from working on the design of your product to development of desktop, web or mobile applications to testing and deploying software.

    Our approach to Team Augmentation with the aim of securing Best Talent for our Clients is a proven method to address your technological needs rapidly and in a cost-effective manner. It can be the best option to obtain highly motivated, dedicated new team members with significant expertise.

    Team Augmentation

    You manage the entire team according to your IT production processes and methodologies, leaving to TravoLab to manage the working environment, regulatory aspects as well as human resources and incentivisation

    Dedicated Team

    TravoLab provides team management, a set of methodologies to achieve your goals in addition to taking responsibility for administrative and human resources processes. You are left with the key tasks of product ownership and concept development. The team does regular demos of work performed

    Using Team Augmentation Efficiently

    Using Team Augmentation Efficiently

    A key digital project may need a boost, additional resource to make it happen according to required deadlines. It is possible to use freelance talent or resort to the Best Talent provided by TravoLab of experienced individuals already tested by us.

    Source among our pool of Best Talent

    Most companies use IT Staff Augmentation with TravoLab to achieve their objectives quicker, cost-efficiently.
    IT Staff Augmentation adds Best Talent when it is needed in the life cycle of the project.

    The more complex and challenging is the project,

    the more likely we are help you source Best Talent through our search process in different geographies.

    Are you looking to increase the size of your team?

    Benefits of team augmentatiuon with us

    Dedicated additional team members

    Additional team members

    TravoLab personnel becomes part of your team working under your project guidelines and according to your way of organising the IT development process

    Highly motivated new people

    Highly motivated new people

    Sometimes, bringing fresh new team members can change the dynamic of the existing team improving productivity, fostering dialogue and search for better solutions

    Free internal resources

    Free internal resources

    Avoid the distraction of finding, onboarding and managing additional team members for your project, adopt the distributed team approach

    Additional help when needed most

    Additional help when needed most

    Add experts from our Best Talent candidates to increase the velocity of your IT developments