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When outsourced Software Development makes sense?

Software development vs dedicated team model

In software development model, TravoLab is responsible to deliver you the agreed solution or product according to the agreed timeline and description. Also, the payments are done according to milestones.

In dedicated team model the team works according to a work plan and is paid on a monthly basis (just like an in-house team). But the level of specifications of the final product does not need to be as precise from the outset as in software development. Dedicated team model is suitable for projects to last for longer periods (starting from 6 months).

Software development vs augmented team

If you already have part of the team in-house or with another provider and would like to add specific competences, then augmented team model is a better option. But if you want to develop a well-defined project end-to-end with TravoLab taking responsibility for the final results, the better choice is software development model. Software development model requires a team with multiple roles that can be fairly autonomous in project execution.




    Outsourcing the Software Development

    You define the business purpose of your project or product, our team handles the full cycle of creation and development. We work hard to translate the business objectives and your vision into a realised digital product.

    Our clients come to realise that by outsourcing the software development to us they avoid the difficulties of creating and managing a team of IT software specialists and product designers. They prefer to focus on business decisions and the end result, allowing us to put in place a professional team and the processes adapted to the requirements to achieve the best outcome for the Cdlient.

    Start quickly

    with a Software Development team provided by TravoLab

    Working with autonomous highly skilled IT engineers and designers helps you gain speed in your project implementation and saves money

    Benefits of partnering with us
    for Software Development


    Access a new pool of IT engineering talent

    Travolab sources Top Talent in the European market specifically focusing on Eastern Europe where genuine talent is available at a cost advantage


    Improve project performance

    Sometimes it is hard to get to the result because it requires a fresh look from outside without internal vested interest or legacy situations

    Happy Smile

    Enjoy the flexibility of us as your partner

    We can agree contractually flexible terms that allow you to control your costs by agreeing terms that are suitable for you


    True Agility

    Avoid the distraction of finding, onboarding and managing a technical team for your project while keeping control over the results of that team at TravoLab

    How to decide whether Software
    Outsourced Development is right for you?

    If you are considering which of our engagement mode to choose consider key elements which will lead to success such as project schedule, analyse your internal skills and ability to add needed resources quickly, analyse the level of control over your budget, review the risks involved along the road.

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    How to make sure you have the right
    Engagement Model for your digital product?

    Digital Product

    Software Outsourcing

    We manage the entire IT development cycle: creating specifications, developing the software architecture and the work plan, providing the design, IT engineers and overseeing the execution

    Staff Augmentation

    We provide additional team members into your existing team to accelerate the development or fill the gaps in your existing team. But you are managing the team and the process, you are in control

    Dedicated Team

    We provide the technical team that will be co-manged together with you. If we supply the project manager you may want to dedicate a Product Owner who will lead the charge.