Web dev Solutions

End to End Web Development Services

We provide a full-cycle web development services, as well as related services that you may need. We have an extensive experience in web development across all the major business industries, such as:

  • Gaming,
  • Law,
  • Health,
  • E-sports,
  • Events

At TravoLab we use the latest development technologies to bring full advantage of the web capabilities for better interaction with users.

Be it e-commerce development (using WooCommerce, Magento, etc.), or CMS/custom web development (using Laravel, Custom PHP, Angular, etc.), we are always delivering a high quality custom web development services.

Web solutions we provide:

  • Web Portals

    Web Portals
    • Performant, user-friendly search functionality
    • Mobile responsive layouts
    • Multi-level customizable user permissions
    • Powerful user management tools
  • E-commerce

    • E-Commerce site development
    • Responsive design
    • System integration
    • Site testing
  • Websites

    • WordPress content management system
    • Integration & third party tools​
    • Hosting & maintenance
    • Website performance metrics
    • Support & training

Web Development Services we offer:

At TravoLab we build SEO friendly, mobile responsive web products precisely tailored to your requirements. We provide all round services in designing, developing and maintaining an effective web presence for your business. You can select the most appropriate web development services that suits to your needs from the ones mentioned below. In case you are not sure how to make the right choice, get in touch with us and we can help you understand technical aspects for the scope of work and provide a cost estimation.

Website development

Our custom web development services include both front-end and back-end development. Whether it is enhancing an existing application or architecting an enterprise application, our developers are up for the challenge.

Mobile an responsive development

We ensure that our client’s website is responsive on every device, so that no single customer is lost. Our responsive web products responds to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform, & orientation.

Third party API development and integration

Get real-time access to third-party systems with our integration services for seamless functioning of your product. It can help you track performance success by analyzing the popular section of your website.

Custom Development

We consider all the little details so your site is comprehensive. We take an innovative approach to make your site fast, secure, and reliable every step of the way.

Consulting and Discovery

Expert advice goes a really long way on a complex project. Our Team of experts help guide the way through technical advice and direction, problem solving and infrastructure consulting.

Performance and Security

The two most important features of any website is security and performance. With multi-level code audits, we verify every line of code on your website is as secure and performant as possible.

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Working with Leading Technologies

Frontend developments
In the world were first impressions is counted, strong online presence is often crucial to promote your products and services. And in TravoLab understand that.
Our frontend specialists will provide you with a solutions that communicates your idea and values.

  • Frontend

    • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript(jQuery)
    • Bootstrap CSS Framework
    • Angular
    • Vue.js
    • React

Backend developments
Backend is not just about setting up the communication between server, app and database. It’s an art of making a seamless solution that works best for you and provides the best possible user experience

  • Backend

    • Java
    • C++
    • JavaScript(NodeJS)
    • C# (.NET)
    • PHP