Virtual reality

Building great gamified experiences to create high level of engagement

First-hand experience of VR development at TravoLab

The experience of TravoLab in VR comes from our dedicated games studio, called TravoLab Replay. In our studio we build great games for VR players. We distribute our games through specialised online platforms, Steam VR and Oculus Store. So, we have inside our company the expertise to know what a gamer wants from the VR experience, what she or he will find fun, entertaining and addictive. It is a rich expertise in engaging with final users that need each of them to buy our game and enjoy it. So, we are thinking game design, level design, art creation and software coding.

A gamified experience is no different in that it needs to be enjoyable and engaging. The aim is not just entertainment, but entertainment opens the door to better learning or better understanding of the key messages that the experience wants to convey. Immersive gamified experiences created using VR technology is what TravoLab can offer. And a good understanding of the gaming psychology, love for design and in-game balance is what makes our corporate offering for gamified solutions the most interesting to our customers. We will always try to build a high level of engagement among your target users or customers. This is what we stand for.

Virtual Reality for better
learning or effective training!

Differentiate your product by bring VR experiences to users, convey the image of innovation, and innovate with your target audience

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What differentiates TravoLab’s experience in the VR field?

TravoLab team has had an extensive experience in VR over the last 6 years. We have worked on games but also on corporate experiences and training modules with corporates and public entities.

Gamification produced by a team with strong experience in VR games

At TravoLab, we believe that user engagement in serious games or training using VR needs to be as good as in straightforward VR games. We pay high level of attention to the environments, to the little details and surroundings, to make the user enjoy the experience.

But beyond wanting to achieve a high level of engagement, we want the user to accept to come back and repeat the experience again because it is pleasant, beautiful, and entertaining. Repetition is important, especially when the experience relates to training. This is where our game designers and level designers from our studio TravoLab Replay help create outstanding products.

Multiplayer experiences in VR

TravoLab team has designed experiences where multiple players were involved. Nowhere better it is visible than in multiplayer shooter experiences. High level of interaction, speed and precision are the key to a success in this genre. We achieved it. The same experience can be transposed to a collaborative environment where several participants need to interact to achieve a specific goal. Our technical team can build interaction with low level of latency in the VR experience making it more realistic for the users.

Connecting simulators and VR to build even more immersive experiences

The same experience can be transposed to a collaborative environment where several participants need to interact to achieve a specific goal. Our technical team can build interaction with low level of latency in the VR experience making it more realistic for the users.

Industries where our expertise can be applied

  • Education

    • Multiplayer training
    • Immersive research
  • Health & Safety

    Health & Safety
    • Immersive training
    • Risk scenarios
  • Healthcare

    • Rehabilitation
    • Psychological therapy
  • Transportation

    • Driving simulators
    • Flight simulators
  • Retail

    • VR showrooms
    • Training
  • Security

    • Risks simulation
    • Multiplayer training
Developing a VR experience with TravoLab

We like simple but rigorous processes. At TravoLab we believe that our clients like our drive to simplify as we remove the barriers to software development by removing the complexity.

Here are the steps for building a successful VR product:

Business Analysis

Just like in any software development we will first focus on formulating what the product should do (functionalities) and how the user will interact with it (user experience). We will help you refine your concept by working out the user experience you want to implement. We will analyse your needs and translate them into 2D drawings and simple schematics. This work will help us formulate the technical specifications. But we will do more. We will apply our experience in game design from our studio TravoLab Replay to create engaging experiences that will allow the used to extract the benefit of a gamified VR experience.

Selection of VR equipment, architecture design

Here is an area where the development of the VR experience is different from standard software product. VR devices are different and are used for different needs. Our technical team will help you to make the right decision. Architecture design will take into account the functionalities, the user experience, the equipment and define a solution that would achieve high performance, low latency and be easy to set up and configure before each launch.

3D modelling and art

VR experience is about visual content, animation of this content and interaction with it. Producing content is expensive. This is why TravoLab team is trained to integrate when possible digital objects (that are called “assets”) which are bought on specialised on-line stores. This approach allows to reduce significantly the overall costs. We will always recommend producing some proprietary content, which will be unique to your experience. But by combining produced unique assets and bought and adapted content we think about your budget.