Implementing digital products and solutions with TravoLab

Digital journey is widely accepted as a way to transform an organization and adapt it to the needs of the different stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, regulators). At TravoLab we handle two types of digital transformation initiatives: creation of digital products and process automation.

Creation of digital products

TravoLab has in-house a team of UX/UI experts who can work with you as Product Owner in designing the user experience required to create your product. We have Business Analysts to provide further assistance in specifying the required development. We will work together with you through this initial phase of conceptualization and prototyping. Before going into the implementation phase where the product will be developed by our IT engineers. The products can be mobile or web-based.

Process automation as a way to digitalize business flows and interactions

Even if you start from designing a website, the digital process can take you through the integration with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and further into your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. A simple customer form, once filled can then be dealt with at your end by manually retrieving it or can be automatically taken into your CRM, used to populate your client’s data base with all the relevant information, have a salesperson assigned to deal with a particular client, generate automatic response by emails or SMS, etc. Designing what happens with your processes, how to make sure that they are optimized for the needs of your specific workflow is what TravoLab can do for you. And there are many processes in your organization that can be digitalized and optimized for greater efficiency.

  • Document Management

    Document Management
    • Creation of document libraries with multiple types of information (text, pictures, videos)
    • Secured access for employees and clients
    • Easy document navigation and retrieving
    • Ability to collaborate online and fill document templates
  • CRM Development

    CRM Development
    • Developing a new CRM, which can be delivered to users in SaaS mode, to replace an old one or spreadsheets
    • Building user interfaces, configuring efficiently databases, writing scripts to automatically import large amounts of old data
  • Supply Chain Management

    Supply Chain Management
    • Modules for inventory management
    • Vendor management and purchasing automation
    • Integration with accounting systems for inventory reporting
    • Management of after-sale returns from customers to the warehouse or vendors
Mobile Solution background

Have an idea?

Discuss your app idea with us and
we will provide you with a time and cost estimate.

The importance of integration of your digital solution with other vendors solutions

At TravoLab we believe that successful products are those where we balance the features that are custom made by our team for our client specific needs and the functionalities that are integrated into the product. Typically, there are different solutions for billing, tracking, mapping, paying that have been successfully developed. Our team will integrate those solutions into your product. This approach reduces the cost of overall development and improves the speed of delivery.

  • Third-party solutions

    Integrations with well-known enterprise solutions such as Office 365 and Outlook

  • Integration

    API for integration with payment systems, calendar systems, e-commerce, CRM

  • GDPR

    Integration with security services and GDPR compliance third party modules

  • IoT devices

    Integration with IoT devices

Your digital solution delivery working on different user interfaces

We are capable of adapting the content to the device used for its access. Typically, users access their digital tools through various size screens and devices. The delivery of information needs to be adapted to that size. This is the work of our UX/UI Team who will be able to create and optimize the best user patterns depending on the device, be it a mobile phone or an office workstation.

  • WEB App

    WEB App
    • Possibility to build access that is integrated between the desktop and the mobile.
    • With Progressive Web App (PWA) the mobile functionality is even better integrated
  • Desktop version

    Desktop version
    • Many enterprise digital products are mostly used in the office on larger screens. More information can be deliver at once. Specific design of those user interfaces is required
  • Mobile App

    Mobile App
    • Smaller screens pose challenge for data entry. But possibility to input data and retrieve data anywhere is useful. Mobile apps offer notifications and fast decision making

How does our pricing model work for developing digital solutions?

At Travolab we have different engagement models. If you already have a team but lack certain expertise, a team augmentation solution is probably the most interesting option for you. If you have more than 6 months development to do and do want to divert your internal IT team to a specific digital product development, you want to consider a dedicated team of talented IT professionals from TravoLab for your needs. Or if you want us to handle the entire project and be responsible for the final results, we will need to deliver according to a specific time schedule, we recommend the software development model of engagement. Moreover, sometimes we start with one model of engagement and then move to the other depending on your needs.
From pricing perspective, TravoLab can offer different models of financial agreements depending on what would work best. These are three essential ways we could work with you.