Agile Connectivity In The IoT Era

27 August 2019

The world we are living in becomes more and more connected. Our homes and workplaces are filled with IoT devices. They come to industries, projects and products.

The time when a project would be isolated from the outer digital world has passed. Today, they transform to become a part of a larger interconnected ecosystem, which includes hardware, software, data storage, various connectivity protocols, etc.

Agile Connection

The reality makes it necessary for modern products to be designed in a way that allows them to be constantly improved. It reflects the tendency for more interconnection and interoperation between different kinds of devices and systems.

The process of product development revolves around customer and adaptation to customer’s needs and desires. That’s where Agile comes into action as it allows for quick customer feedback and for a well-timed realization of updates.

New Standards

The emergence of IoT and IoE has changed the game dramatically. The protocols of our products have to be adapted to the needs of an exceeding number of connected devices. Moreover, our products must comply with a growing number of government regulations that establish norms of security for IoT-devices. This leads to creation of new connectivity protocols. But our methodologies must too adapt to these new standards.

In order to be able to properly adapt to this new era of IoT we have to take a look at the changes that our business models go through. Today, products are more likely to be leased (PaaS) or sold according to a subscription or payment-per-use models; the possibility to monitor the use of devices opens up the potential for support and repair business as it allows for proactive fixes of potential problems.

The data that IoT systems contain is quite sizeable. It is our task to find the way to harmlessly integrate it with the back-end. The product use information and that, emerging from interaction between different parts of IoT systems must serve a learning tool for our products.

New culture

The opportunities that IoT offers are almost boundless with its great potential for gathered information to work for benefit of the whole system. The Agile is needed for us to be able to quickly adapt to this new emerging digital culture.