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Who we are

We are an IT development center located in Minsk, Belarus and you are welcome to visit us at any time*

If you want to hire a developer for your startup to add to your in-house IT team or set up a dedicated team, our proposition will meet your goals

Our founders are French and Belarus and our teams speak several languages

For EU Nationals there is no visa requirement to enter Belarus if you stay up to 5 days in the country. Soon the stay period will be extended to 10 days


  • IT Recruiting
  • Cross-platform Software
  • Mobile App Development
  • Blockchain
  • E-Commerce
  • Internet Of Things
  • Quality Assurance
  • Location Tracking

Our Services

Dedicated Team
Fixed Price, Time & Material

We undertake all the HR responsibilities – CV screening, interviewing candidates, checking their technical and soft skills, simulated work scenario trial. All you need is to provide us with your requirements concerning your ideal employee or a whole R&D team

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IT staff augmentation
Optimize Your Hiring Process

Dedicated software development team is the engagement model, when we hire a development team according to your requirements and locate it in our R&D center and our HR and admin team take care or its growth and performance management

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How we build your dedicated team

Team requirements
Work begins!
  • Together we will complete a project flow chart with all teammates and interactions specified
  • You provide us or we generate requirements concerning the tech stack, skills, and experience

Sign NDA, Negotiate contract

  • We have all the required people for searching, interviewing and testing specialists
  • You will vet the technical testing exercises, interview over Skype or Zoom
  • Interview in person shortlisted candidates

We work for free here!

Work begins!
  • We onboard the employee, sign working contract with him/her
  • Dedicated space is allocated in our center in Minsk with all the required equipment
  • We provide additional personnel and services as required

Monthly or quarterly payments




What benefits you get

Cost Reduction

Reasonable rates for skilled IT workforce will significantly cut the costs of your development projects

Direct Management

Manage your remote team as your in-house team by setting schedules and meetings when needed

Ideal recruiting set up

No upfront service payments: make the first payment when your IT specialist starts working for you

Top Dedicated Developers

Each programmer you hire works exclusively on your project. We ensure smart communication and transparent reporting for each developer you hire


When best candidates pass interview and are hired, they start working at our office in Minsk, that is fully equipped with all facilities

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Confidentiality and IP

We will operate under strict NDA drafted under French or English law. We value and comply with confidentiality of our clients and developer products

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Do you need software development services or have outsourcing requirements?


I’m an employer
Looking for a Team

Your dream team can become a reality. Your project will be realised according to the roadmap, milestones and deadlines that you established

I’m a candidate
Looking for a Job

We are always looking for energetic, highly-motivated and enthusiastic talented people. We would love to hear from you

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