Our mission

TravoLab is based in France, in Lille Metropole area. We have been providing tailor-made IT development services since 2018. We have offices and developments centers with IT engineers in London (UK), Warsaw (Poland) and Minsk (Belarus). We are able to take a project at the concept stage, develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product or prototype) and then develop the digital product

One of our strengths is the DevOps culture that we employ in our IT developments. We immediately set up a modern development environment using microservices, Docker containers and orchestration of these containers using Kubernetes to facilitate the work of developers who can operate more efficiently in distributed teams.

Who We Are

Our strength is also to have TravoLab Replay, a video game studio, that creates its own products, such as the game Hell Road VR, and which also works with our customers on digital content (2D and 3D models, 3D animations and Virtual Reality experiences).

Finally, we have development centers in Eastern Europe (Poland and Belarus) which allow us to provide to our customers teams of IT engineers, test automation and quality assurance specialists, and DevOps. TravoLab can also provide you with these experts who will increase your development teams at competitive costs.

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